XstalBio have proprietary technology available for licensing that can solve a wide range of bioformulation and delivery problems. These include manufacture and delivery of high concentration protein solutions, sustained release of biologics, thermally stable vaccines containing antigens and PRR ligands and dry biologic powders for delivery by inhalation.

Company Profile

Welcome to XstalBio

XstalBio works collaboratively with international clients to help drive biopharmaceuticals and vaccines to market by enabling delivery of products to patients.

We provide our experience, innovative technologies and expert consultancy to find efficient solutions to complex bioformulation challenges and accelerate the development of biologics.



We routinely take on challenging formulation issues and seek to solve these by applying innovative, straightforward and scaled formulation technologies. We have an excellent track-record for meeting milestones and moving forward together with clients as their biopharmaceutical product challenges progress or change.